Local Program Review

Under the mandate of the S.C. State Plan for Adult Education and Family Literacy, the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Adult Education must assign a Local Program Review Team (LPRT) to all school district programs or community-based organizations (CBOs) receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support approved adult learning services.

The LPRT process is a systemic approach designed to assess the educational opportunities and the effectiveness of the adult education programs and services in the school districts and CBOs receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support such services. The checklists on the right side of this page indicate items the audit team expects to see and/or discuss when they visit your program. Items highlighted in purple should be in folders available to the site visit team for review.

LPR Process Training Manual revised July 2017.pdf

QI - IX - Compliance Monitoring - Curriculum and Instruction 17-18.pdf 

Director's Checklist

QI - X - Compliance Monitoring - Career Pathway 17-18.pdf 

LPR Labels, Avery 5160, Word format - Revised September 2017

QI - XI - Compliance Monitoring - Financial Monitoring 17-18.pdf 

LPR Labels, Avery 5160, pdf format - Revised September 2017

LPR Teacher Observation Form

Key to Teacher Observation Form

QI - I - Compliance Monitoring - Official Administration 17-18.pdf 


LPR Team Evaluation Form

QI - II - Compliance Monitoring - Official Professional Development 17-18.pdf   

Tables, Forms, Reports needed for visit (9-8-17)

QI - III - Compliance Monitoring - Official Data Collection 17-18.pdf 


 QI - IV - Compliance Monitoring - Official Orientation Intake 17-18.pdf 


 QI - V - Compliance Monitoring - Official Standardized Assessment 17-18.pdf 


 QI - VI - Compliance Monitoring - Official Student Exit and Follow-Up 17-18.pdf  


 QI - VII - Compliance Monitoring - Official Student Records 17-18.pdf 

Folder Checklist​ (9-8-17)


QI - VIII - Compliance Monitoring - Official Record Keeping 17-18.pdf