Local Program Review

Under the mandate of the S.C. State Plan for Adult Education and Family Literacy, the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Adult Education must assign a Local Program Review Team (LPRT) to all school district programs or community-based organizations (CBOs) receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support approved adult learning services.

The LPRT process is a systemic approach designed to assess the educational opportunities and the effectiveness of the adult education programs and services in the school districts and CBOs receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support such services. The checklists on the right side of this page indicate items the audit team expects to see and/or discuss when they visit your program. Items highlighted in purple should be in folders available to the site visit team for review.

LPR Process Training Manual revised July 13 2016.pdf

QI - IX - Compliance Monitoring - Curriculum and Instruction 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - IX - Curriculum & Instruction Virtual Version

Director's Checklist

QI - X - Compliance Monitoring - Career Pathway 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - X - Career Pathway Virtual Version

LPR Labels, Avery 5160, Word format - Revised July 2016

QI - XI - Compliance Monitoring - Financial Monitoring 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - XI - Financial Monitoring Virtual Version

LPR Labels, Avery 5160, pdf format - Revised July 2016

LPR Teacher Observation Form

Key to Teacher Observation Form

QI - I - Compliance Monitoring - Official Administration 16-17.pdf (On-Site)

QI - I - Official Administration Virtual Version

LPR Team Evaluation Form

QI - II - Compliance Monitoring - Official Professional Development 16-17.pdf   On-Site 

QI - II - Official Professional Development Virtual Version

Tables, Forms, Reports needed for visit (8-1-16)

QI - III - Compliance Monitoring - Official Data Collection 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - III - Official Data Collection Virtual Version


 QI - IV - Compliance Monitoring - Official Orientation Intake 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - IV - Compliance Monitoring - Official Orientation Intake 16-17.pdf  Virtual Version


 QI - V - Compliance Monitoring - Official Standardized Assessment 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - V - Official Standardized Assessment Virtual Version


 QI - VI - Compliance Monitoring - Official Student Exit and Follow-Up 16-17.pdf On-Site 

QI - VI - Official Student Exit and Follow-Up Virtual Version


 QI - VII - Compliance Monitoring - Official Student Records 16-17.pdf On-Site

Folder Checklist​ (8-1-16)


QI - VIII - Compliance Monitoring - Official Record Keeping 16-17.pdf On-Site

QI - VIII - Official Record Keeping Virtual Version