Compliance Monitoring

Under the mandate of the S.C. State Plan for Adult Education and Family Literacy, the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Adult Education must assign a Compliance Monitoring team to all school district programs or community-based organizations (CBOs) receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support approved adult learning services.

The Compliance Monitoring process is a systemic approach designed to assess the educational opportunities and the effectiveness of the adult education programs and services in the school districts and CBOs receiving federal funds and/or state aid to support such services. 

2019-20 Compliance Monitoring Documents (New!) Updated 10/19

Training Manual 

Collection and Organization of Required Supporting Evidence

Adult Education Partners and Partnership Coordination Sample Form

Classroom Observation Checklist

Compliance Monitoring Portfolio List

Compliance Monitoring Tool with Considerations

Written Documentation Template

Guidelines for Student Records

Tables, Reports, Forms

Weekly Schedule


Supporting Materials for 2019-2020  Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring Training Powerpoint
Classroom Observation Checklist Attachment - Instructional Strategies List
WIOA Thirteen Considerations - 1 page