Adult Ed Teachers Break Into Digital Literacy

Adult Ed Teachers Break Into Digital Literacy
Posted on 06/21/2016
BreakouteduOne of the 2016 Summer Adult Education Academy classes was the Digital Literacy 2016, where adult educators focused on integrating technology into the classroom and throughout their program.  

The group learned to manage online meetings, make online instructional videos, collect and curate resources in online binders, and mastered Google docs and Google Drive.  In addition, they unpacked the brand new International Society for Technology in Education standards.  Check out this slide show (created by Lisa Walner) of our week in Columbia.

During one of the classroom labs, participants were given the opportunity to participate in a BreakOut(edu) game, and they solved all the clues!  

We are proud of our Summer Academy participants and the hard work they did so they can help SC adult education students create better futures!