SC Adult Education Technical Assistance Network (formerly RAETAC)

Beginning with the 17-18 school year, SC Adult Education is transitioning from the Regional Adult Education Technical Assistance Center (RAETAC) design to a new system for delivering professional development and assistance to local programs--the SC Adult Education Technical Assistance Network (TAN).  The TAN system, working with the SC Office of Adult Education, will deliver high quality professional development services that will put Adult Education in position to meet all WIOA requirements and better serve students as they seek employment that will support themselves and their families.

Although we are excited about this new system, it is important to understand the history of SC Technical Assistance for Adult Education.  Over 20 years ago, the Office of Adult Education at the South Carolina Department of Education created four regional adult education technical assistance centers (RAETACs) to serve the technical and training needs of adult educators across the state. Each center was managed by a director who worked closely with the adult education programs in that region to ensure that quality programs were in place. A fifth region was added in 2010, although in 2014 the structure returned to a four center system.

Services provided by the SC TAN will include: 

  • Training for program directors, instructional staff, testing coordinators, transition specialists, and database entry personnel
  • On-site training and support visits
  • Preparation for a program's formal evaluation
  • Production of training and promotional materials
  • Region-wide marketing initiatives
  • Registration for graduate courses

South Carolina Technical Assistance Network Sites

TAN 1 
Anderson 1-2 Adult Education
214 Libby Street 
Pelzer, SC  29669

TAN 2 
Richland 2 Adult Education
750 Old Clemson Road 
Columbia, SC  29229

Florence Adult Education
301 S Dargan Street
Florence, SC 29506

Colleton County Adult Education
500 Forest Circle
Walterboro, SC  29488

South Carolina Adult Education Technical Assistance Network